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Void Security is a Belgian organisation offering the following services:

 Secure hosting
Do you want to host your website on our rock-solid and secure servers? Our webhosting prices are among the most competitive on the market.

 Network security consulting
We offer complete services to monitor and audit your network security, and give recommendations on enhancing your security.

 Security auditing and penetration testing
With your permission, we audit your servers and applications the way hackers do. We try a variety of techniques and at the end write a comprehensive audit report with our findings and recommendations.

 System administration
Don't want to administer your unix (freebsd, openbsd, linux, sunos, hp-ux) servers yourself? Let us do the job! We have extensive experience in secure system administration. From adding a new user account, or setting up an encrypted tunnel to compiling a custom kernel and hardening your system - we are the ones fit for the job.

 Custom software development and programming
We have extensive experience in developing applications in a wide variety of languages: C, C++, Visual C++, Perl, mod_perl, Java, PHP, ASP, Visual Basic, RPG, Cobol, Oracle Developer and more. Send us your requirements and specifications, and we'll analyse them. We are known for our optimized, secure and high performance coding.

 Search engine optimization, positioning and placement (SEO & SEM)
On the Internet today, having a good website is not enough, people need to be able to find it. Our search engine optimization, positioning and placement services make sure they do. We analyse your site, and make the structure more easily crawlable by web robots ("spiders"). We also work to increase your link popularity and web presence. Unlike some other companies we don't employ any techniques that will get your sites banned from the searchengines.

 Internet marketing and advertising
To increase your web visibility, gain new customers, and keep your existing customers returning, it's always a good idea to do additional web advertising and email marketing. We have scalable solutions that fit your needs.

Please contact us to request more information.

Free tools:

Password generator
Complex (and simple) random password generator. Choose the length, characterset and other requirements and generate a password.

go to the Password generator >>

URL checker
With this tool you can see the image and linking structure of a page the way a search engine spider sees it.

go to the URL checker >>

Google dance/search tool
With this tool you can search on 1 or more different Google datacenters (www, www2, www3, www-ab, www-cw, www-dc, www-ex, www-fi, www-gv, www-in, www-kr, www-mc, www-sj, www-va, www-zu) at once. You can change the result format, and the number of returned results. This tool can be used to track keyword positions across the various Google datacenters, and to see when a Google dance has begun.

go to the Google tool >>

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